Lost-in-LoveLost (more commonly known as 123LoveLost) is a student digital artist. She is most active on the online art galleries of DeviantART. She currently has 80+ watchers and over 50 deviations.
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Art StylesEdit

Lost-in-LoveLost is known for drawing PPGs (Powerpuff girls). A majority of her art is in the Chibi style. Over the years she has developed her own style of PPG, known for having stars near the character's pupils.

For Sparklez

Overall, her art consists of unique Powerpuff girls, manga/human variations, Manga itself, and chibi.


  • Lovie (persona)
  • Nugget (pet)
  • Connie
  • Claire
  • Summer
  • Clover (adapted from Mist/Merst566)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)Edit

Q: How long have you been on DA (Deviantart)?

A: I've been on DA since July 14th, 2013. So, over 8 months.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: I have certain times when requests are open, but for now, ask me.

Q: Will you give me points/join my contest/commission me/etc.?

A: Please do not ask. This is very annoying and I will most likely say no.

Contact InformationEdit

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Instagram: alisons_flowercrown

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