Awesomeperson110: (also ShayminTheLegendary on DA and the founder of this wiki) has been drawing on DC for two years. Her main styles are anime, MLP, and Pokemon (if that counts). She really likes to draw and write stories.

RedMonkey101: (Also known as RedMonkey101 Studios on the wiki and is admin on this wiki) has been drawing on DC for about a year now and might get a DeviantART, maybe... She mostly draws in MLP but also does PPG, her own human style, and EG Style. She also draws anime, but isn't really good on the computer so mostly draws it on paper. She well known for her OC MLP, Lightning Bolt. A redish pink alicorn with blue hair and a darker blue streak. She has many other OC MLPs such as Twinkle Star, Curly Quills, and Flare Chaser. Twinkle is well known as well on DC for making dress request for other artist OC MLPs too. RedMonkey101 is also a writer and loves to write about the supernatural things and others that pop into her brain, even when she doesn't really want more idea because of the 10 other books she is writing at the same time..