deviantART is an online art-sharing community, the largest in the world. Better known than Disney Create, deviantART is where all the artists flock to. Students, Hobbyists, and Experts alike, they draw what they want to draw, which gives DA a lot of variety. 

What to do on DA?Edit

Well, as you start off on DA you'll want to post some art. Maybe make a journal entry first. DA is kind of more mature than DC, enabling you to send notes to fellow artists, comment without being moderated, and chat. You can upload art to DA from any of your files, so it doesn't necessarily have to be drawn on DA Muro, the website's painting app. You can also upload animations, and write stories on there. Contests may be held. Points are also an important factor of DA, though unnecessary, you may find you can't do some things without them. Points can be bought or donated.

Things you can't do without points:

  • Request commissions
  • Participate in some OC giveaways
  • Participate in auctions
  • Donate to fellow artists


What are commissions? Well, commissions ( sometimes labeled as commish) are when you commission an artist to draw something of your request. Commishes can't normally be done without points. The artist will have a window on their profile that says "Request Commission". You can then request your commission there, then wait for the artist to accept it. When the artist accepts it, the points required will be subtracted from your account.


The literature facto of DA enables you to write your fanfics, original stories, songs, poetry, and post them to be shared with the online community.

Premium MembershipEdit

Premium Membership can be granted upon an artist, or bought. Features of premium membership include:

  • Getting journal skins
  • allowing some new profile windows
  • and so much more.


There are three main ways to communicate with an artist: note them, comment them, or go on chat. You can note an artist so no one will see your conversation. If you go to an artist's profile, there'll be an option to send a note. Then tell them what you want to say, and no worries, people can't access the notes directly unless given the username and password of the note conversation artists. Some artists comment on a picture, and a conversation may kick up from there. There are chatrooms on DA, many. Some have rules and requirements, and you must abide by them. You can also make your own chatroom.

Questions? Leave them here!Edit