Awesomeperson110/ShayminTheLegendary ( aka. AP, Shaymin, or Happy) is a Varied Artist Hobbyist who has been on Create for two years. The founder of this wiki, she is talking in third person and may develop a habit soon.

Styles she draws inEdit

  • MLP
  • Anime
  • Pokemon
  • PPG (rarely)
  • SC (on paper)
  • Realistic

History of DC/DAEdit

DC: Once upon a time, AP was in school. She was on a school computer. She was on the school homepage, which had a link to the Disney site. AP recalled a site she frequently drew on. She had not made an account on it yet, so she did.

DA: 1 month ago her friend made her account but she only realized she had one not a while ago. She found out many of her DC friends have a DA, and DA became one of the sites she would rush to after school.


If you have any questions or concerns about the wiki you may leave a message on my wall. I will be happy to help.