Occupation: 7th Grade student, Artist.

Other Work: Art Teacher (in summer)

Personality: Fashion Guru xD, Artsy, sometimes shy.

Interests: Anime and Chibi, Animals, Fashion Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Dancing

I Collect: Barbie Dolls, Horse figurines

☆ Anime: Dinosaur King, Pokemon, Madoka Magica

☆ Game: None really. ☆ Show: MLP FIM, Disney Channel

☆ Movie: Cloud 9, 16 Wishes, Zapped

☆ 3D Movie: HTTYD 1 and 2, The Croods, Shrek

☆ 2D Movie: Princess and the frog, Aladin

☆ Gemstone: Zircon

☆ Mammals: Dogs, Horses, Pandas

☆ Bugs: Butterflies, Moths, Spiders

☆ Birds: Kingfishers, Penguins, Falcons

☆ Fish: Caplin, Catfish, Angelfish

☆ Food: Tacos, Ice Cream, Pizza

☆ Drink: Cranberry juice with milk (What i like it xD), Chocolate Milk.

☆ Candy: Kit-Kat, Aero bar

☆ Element: Water

☆ Color: Pink, Aqua, Lime, Brown, Black

☆ Shape: Hearts, Stars.

☆DOB: December 19th

☆ Handed: Left Handed

☆ Songs:: Unconditionally, One Last chance

☆ Singers: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift

☆ Bands: R5, 5SOS, 1D ☆ Other Likes: Sunny Days, Shopping

On Disney create i was Cutie_Cat1001